I love it there in Greece

-but as things are in my life at this moment, home is the best place for me to spend most of my time. I am happy With my life-situation and working every day for things to be even better. Situations do not change over night, so the past years I’ve learned to be more patient. That is something I’m happy to learn. Before I was that person that never could wait for anything. Really not something I recommend for anyone. It feels like you are always striving. That is not good for us. To work smart and hard, I can for sure recommend for everybody. I’ve spent two weeks in Greece, Samos now in september/october for making business and also some pleasure. I met more interesting People for both business and friendship this time. I really love Samos, this island is full of good People that I love to spend my time with. Greek People are so amazing, maybe because of the hard times they’ve been thru. I really feel that my personality fit more With the Greek’s than the Norwegians. They are honest in a different way. And I like it!  Come to the point. Yeah, I loved to come back to my home and my bed. My Food and training. Who knows, when my life-situation change even more I maybe have one Greek and one Norwegian home.. We’ll see.

Today was my first day at the gym after I went back home. I promised myself on the flight back to Norway to spend 10 kilometers on the treadmill. Everyday for 10 days from now. Under this time I will make some other promises to myself about training. And the next time one of my Greek friends see me in bikini, he will not tell me that I have put some kilos on since july 😉

wet to come

I had 8 kilometers today, so tonight I’m going for powerwalk in the dark.

This is my first post for a long time, hopefully I will Write more from now in the future. This blog is now 1 year old.

Best wishes to all of you, from all of me ❤


Om marlenhoeier

Velkommen til bloggen min. Her vil jeg skrive om mitt liv og det jeg brenner for. Ønsket for denne bloggen er at den ikke skal forsvinne i det store havet av alle bloggene som eksisterer. Jeg er en veldig energisk og engasjert jente, så følg med :)
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