Do you know any RASCALS

Do you know any RASCALS

Rascal Manifesto:
I was born free and I intend to live like it.
This means that I will live my life while I’m alive.

No one can put me in a box, a category, a social group, a voting bloc, or a classification.
I am fiercely independent,
and with those aligned with me in common purpose, interdependent.

I know that with my freedom comes responsibility.
I take responsibility for my own actions, and I hold the bar high on myself.
I am not afraid to struggle, because it’s the struggle that makes me great.

I know that excellence always lies on the other side of inconvenience.

I am a learning machine.
I read, I confront brutal reality, I grow.

Long term, no one and nothing can defeat me, because I will keep coming back, stronger and better than before.

I will educate myself about the true principles of freedom,
and I will strive mightily to preserve freedom for the next generation.
I rely on no man and no government to provide for me.
I will not follow the herd of mediocrity and victim-thinking.

I don’t follow herds, instead I run with a pack – a pack of Rascals.

Let others bask in their privileges, as for me, I will invest them in my purpose.
I will defy tyranny.
I will charge the hill.
I will make a difference.

I’m a Rascal!

Yes, I did copy this from Peter Andreas Sørensen.
Read his book Dream Catcher – http://www.drø


Om marlenhoeier

Velkommen til bloggen min. Her vil jeg skrive om mitt liv og det jeg brenner for. Ønsket for denne bloggen er at den ikke skal forsvinne i det store havet av alle bloggene som eksisterer. Jeg er en veldig energisk og engasjert jente, så følg med :)
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